We Only except:

-Cash (Primary)

-PayPal (special instructions required)

-Deposits made to our bank

NO CHECKS- No exceptions


Deposits are required to hold a kitten, final payment can be made at time of pick up or 2 days before flight



Deposits made will be applied to the cost of your kitten. All sales and deposits on kittens are FINAL. We do not offer any guarantees for our own protection. This is not Walmart, ALL our kittens are screened, vet checked, health certified and sent home with all appropriate documentation. We are more than happy to meet new owners at your vet here in Denver locally for a pre-purchase inspection (at buyer’s expense) The Sphynx breed requires special care and sadly too often new owners will neglect these needs and wind up with complications blaming the breeder.  Once a kitten leaves our home it can be exposed to many different environmental hazards or illness's. We are an honest breeder and will do everything we can before purchase to help you make the right decision, but it is the buyers responsibility to take on any risks after a kitten leaves our home.   Please be a responsible new pet owner and take any necessary precautions or inspections before buying a Sphynx kitten. do your research and make sure your new baby is coming into a safe, clean and proper environment. We take immense pride in only selling happy healthy kittens, once you take a kitten home with you it is yours to care for and love forever.  If you would like more information on Sphynx care or needs feel free to contact us. We also send each kitten home with an informatinal booklet on taking care of your new baby

 We do not usually  allow all visitors inside our home but we can schedule a showing with your baby for serious inquiries. Visitors are quite intrusive to a cats lifestyle and stress levels and we keep visitation limited to serious potential homes not just to come "see" our cats.  

Deposits and Refunds 

Our cats freely roam our home in beautiful Arvada Colorado. None of our cats are kenneled, these are our pets not our business. Too many breeders put profit before family. NOT US. We limit our litters based on our cats life’s and needs not what’s most profitable. Each of our kittens get to roam the house with mommy and play. Our Queens and Kings have all been FIV & FiLV  tested and get vet check up's with every litter. When you choose to get a kitten from DRS you are getting a new baby from our family with high standards of loving, healthy, life long companions.   

​We do offer shipping for an additional $450. We only fly with United Pet Cargo as they offer climate controlled flight for your baby ensuring they arrive safely. If you would like us to hand deliver we can do that as well for $650 anywhere in the in-land USA. we DO NOT do international shipping. Long flights are far too stressful on your little one. Alaska & Hawaii have a different price and must always be hand delivered. 


Kitten Visitation 

The Diamond Standard

Diamond Royal Sphynx​

A Little About Us:

General Saftey info for shoppers 

​We know that searching for a special breed companion online can be hard. No matter where you decide to adopt your kitten, from us or a fellow breeder, here are some general rules of safety you should always keep in mind. 1) always make sure the breeder has all cats tested for FIV and FiLV. This can have deadly consequences if ignored in multi cat homes such as breeders. 2) Always be sure the breeder has the option to see the kitten before you purchase, even if you don't intend on coming in person, the breeder should never hesitate or try to force you into meeting in a random remote parking lot. 3) If someone is trying to do mail order cats only without giving you any info on their location, chances are the money you send will be lost and you will not receive a kitten.
Sadly, when shopping online there are allot of scammers and bad breeders. If a kittens price looks too good to be true, you will end up with a sick kitten. There are allot of honest and reputable breeders out there. We pride ourselves in being one of the best, but we have heard many sad stories too. Be safe, take your time, and ask any questions you have. 

We ALL love cats -  so lets ALL stop scammers together.