Nami-Swan is a stunning solid blue silk TICA registered Sphynx who we imported all the way from Russia. Nami is almost like a puppy she follows you around the house and will roll onto her back for a good tummy scratch. This baby girl loves to cuddle and sweeps her tail around playfully all the time. Nami has a cute obsession with the computer mouse and sits in your lap to watch it move around the screen.

Cammille is a beautiful pink and blue odd eye TICA registered Sphynx we imported from the Ukraine. She is the newest member of the family and also the largest of our girls. Cammille's blue eye makes her very rare and unique, a trait she passes to some of her young. She is a sweet and gentle baby girl who sleeps on top of the Xbox when she is cold. Cammille is a curious girl that enjoys watching TV.      



Diamond Royal Sphynx​

We are a small family, but the purr's and cuddles are never in short supply. 

Meet The Royal Family!

Kings and Queens

Phara is a beautiful pink TICA registered Sphynx with brown markings and a perfect blue spot on her back. She is from Missouri USA and thinks she is the queen of the house. She is very sweet, tends to keep to herself, and sunbathes in the windows. At bedtime, she will paw at your face until you let her sleep under your covers. Every night.



Gizmo is a solid chocolate TICA registered Sphynx who came to us from Seattle Washington. This handsome little devil is a Romeo and defiantly has a "bro" attitude. Gizmo loves to take baths and will always jump in the shower to play. He tends to be a trouble maker and will look directly at you while knocking things off a shelf with his paw. His favorite thing to do is sleep in front of the fireplace. Gizmo has the most adorable wrinkled face, its easy to tell he’s just a big lazy lover.